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When you choose a professional painting services like Doorstep Hub Service, you're choosing to make the old to new again. Best home painting services by verified professionals, On time services for interior painting and exterior painting in Bengaluru.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will suggest some paint brands to the customers. As per the client decision (type of brand) we will work.

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Usually it will take 4-5 days depends on the house.

We provide interior, exterior, metal painting, wood polishing services.

Overview of Painting Services

Do you live in that house with shaded walls or boring white walls? If so, contact Painting Services. There are some things to consider on choosing the best painting service provider. This has to be carefully done because providers do not deliver on what they purport to do. All providers have to meet certain minimum requirements of the local authority. The staff should also be up to date with training that is relevant to the industry. This will equip them with the latest trends. Ask if there have issues with non-compliance in the past and steps and progress made in addressing them. A good provider should not shy away from providing this information. Before you go through painting service check some points...

  • Make a Plan: Decide before you decide which paint and color you want to use, it reduces your costs. Also, when meeting with different painters, make it clear what kind of paint you want as well as what kind of paint you want to apply. As with most materials, good-quality paints and cheap paints don't last long. Emphasize the need for proper preparation and make sure all of this is in the contract you signed.

  • Get a Few Estimates: Take a written detailed assessment from each of the painting contractors. The assessment should include labor, material costs, number of quotes of primer and paint, specific brand materials, and job scope.

  • Request a Guarantee: Any good painter should be confident in his work and be happy to guarantee against chipping, stripping, or excessive deterioration or chalk, which can happen two years after the work is done with little or no cost. Do not allow the painter to tell you that this is not necessary because the paint has a warranty, because it does not cover labor - it is an expensive part of the job.

  • Demand a Detailed Contract: Make sure the contractor has all the key information such as name, address, office and cell numbers and license number, and what details. Get a copy of the painter's liability and workers' compensation insurance certificates. It is important to state clearly what the contract is and is not included in the job, etc.

Why choose Doorstep Hub for Painting Services???

  • Free Inspection: Visual checklist items that cover used coating equipment, coating materials, dew point, coating thickness measurement, and failure analysis notes for the area.

  • Quality Materials- Low Cost: In painting services, materials used like paintings, brushes, Scrub brush, sandpaper, roller tray and grid, paint pail, drop cloths, a putty knife are the best quality materials. We provide painting services at a nominal cost for residential and commercial purposes.

  • Professional – Trusted Painters: We will find a certified specialist painter who will suit your needs and make all arrangements for you and set up a paint inspection with excellent painting services.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is the main goal of Doorstep Hub. We hire high-quality and highly-qualified painters to ensure high-quality services that are always within your satisfaction levels. We guarantee no matter what paints or colors we use.

What Type of Painting Services Doorstep Hub Provides???

Interior Wall Painting Service                                                                  Exterior Wall Painting Services 

          Metal Painting Services                                                                           Waterproof Services And Contractors

Wood Polishing Services and Home Interior & Exterior Services

Request Procedure Quote: Booking the service in Doorstep Hub is pretty easy just by downloading the mobile app or visiting the website and making the call to the reference number provided on the site. We are prettily here to receive your service in any possibility of your process.


Our Customer Feedbacks

    Exceptional Service. The best part is the technicians are providing precautions to be taken which is not common in such fields. Thank u team doorstep hub.    

  Mahender Naidu

    Good services with the varsity of experience in lingampally, Hyderabad. Technician behavior with us was friendly and well mannered.    

  Venkat Sai

    A good technician with excellent work experience. I liked the quick response of the technician.    

  Asish Reddy

    My refrigerator got repaired, I have met with various problems in that and I have contacted many technicians, but I did not get a perfect solution. Later I have searched in Google, In my last trail, I have visited the doorstep hub. They interacted with us in 24 hours and resolved my fridge issue in perfect condition. I prefer you to visit the doorstep hub to resolve all your issues.    

  Krishna Chandupatla

    Super service, I just shifted from Pune to Hyderabad. I never thought that I will get all my repair and installation within a call in a city like Hyderabad. The service was also satisfactory. Really appreciated.    

  Archana Srivastava

    The best service ever I had. I got an issue with my freeze, they solved the problem with a one-month service warranty. Really appreciate    

  Sandeep Sihag


  Kishore ch

    I have a great experience with the doorstep hub. Previously I have met with this services for my TV and they have performed well and demolished my TV issue. Again on this day I have taken the help of them for my refrigerator issue. They again satisfied me. I am very fullfill with there service    

  Dilip Kumar

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