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Doorstep Hub provides all types of washing machine repair services by our expert washing machine repair man or technicians at your doorstep. Doorstep Hub is the best washing machine service center to repair any brand and any type of the washing machines in Bengaluru.

Overview of Washing Machine Service and Repairs

By using a washing machine, you do not need to rub the clothes by hand or squeeze them to remove water from them. It removes dirt from clothes and linen with soap and water, rinses and removes as much water as possible. The washing machine is also called as a clothes washer or simply the washer. Whether you have a front load washer or a top load washer, we face some common problems that can occur with your washing machine are:


  1. The Machine won’t Fill with Water: One of the most common problems that we understand is a washer not filling with water. The most common reasons that your washer won’t fill properly to help you diagnose are clogged inset screen, faulty water inlet valve, Faulty Lid Switch, Faulty Water Level Switch. It can be easily fixed on your own but most of these fixes will require you to call your local repair specialist to a service center like Doorstep Hub

  2. The Washing Machine won’t Spin: If your washer fills with water but doesn’t spin, the problem is likely to be a faulty lid switch, a problem with the motor, an Overstuffed machine, an Unbalanced Load, an Unbalanced Washer, Inadequate Drainage. These are factors the washing machine won't spin.

  3. The Machine Stops Mid-Cycle: If the washer stops mid cycle the lid switch assembly might be defective and the water inlet valve cold water side may have failed. Other parts to check to include the lid switch, door lock switches, main control board, and timer.

  4. The Washing Machine is Noisy: Reasons for a washer will make noise during a spin are the main tub bearing faulty, main drive pulley, motor coupling, bad clutch, worn-out drive belt, Clogged or damaged drain pump, the transmission is worn out, shock absorber.

  5. Clothes Smell Bad: The most common causes of sour-smelling clothes are leaving them in the washer too long before putting them in the dryer or overloading the machine. Rewash them in smaller loads with liquid cloth wash. Use the hottest setting that's safe for the fabrics you're washing.

  6. Water not Draining from a Washing Machine: If the washer does not flow there may be a clogged pump or hose. It is common for small socks or other small clothing items to enter the drainage system and block the hose leading to the pump.

  7. The Machine Reports a Fault Code: If the washing machine reports a fault code, this happens when the water temperature in the drain is higher than 50? C. Turn off the washing machine and remove it from the power for 30 minutes. Reconnect the device and see if the error code is missing.

If you try each of these causes and fixes them. Still, your washer won’t fill with water, call an appliance repair professionals, like Doorstep Hub by calling or login to "".


Why choose Doorstep Hub for Washing Machine Services???

  • Gives 30 days service warranty: We offer the warranty for 30 days after your services. It is a major principle of us. By analyzing the product we will provide the service warranty. Actually, the minimum warranty is 30 days for any product and maximum for 6 months.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is the main aim of Doorstep Hub.  We guarantee what we are done service or repair.
  • Done by the first visit: We are trying to finish most repairs on the first visit by our smart and professional efforts. In some cases, this is done by the second visit.
  • Professional - Trusted technicians: We continue updating our technician's training to ensure that your repairs will be completed by a trained technician. We guarantee our experts will reach at your doorstep on time.


What type of Washing Machine Services Provided by Doorstep Hub???


                 Washing Machine General Service                                                          Washing Machine Leakage Issues

              Washing Machine Sound Problems                                                        Washing Machine Spinning Problems

             Washing Machine Dryer Problem                                                             Washing Machine Washer Problem

             Washing Machine Power Problem                                                            Washing Machine General Check-up

                  And more Washing Machine Repair Services at your Doorstep.


What Type of Brands Doorstep Hub Provides???

Doorstep Hub provides repairs and services for front load, top load, semi-automatic, and fully automatic washing machines. We provide all brands of services they are...


      Whirlpool Washing Machine Repair Services                                                                   GE Washing Machine Repair Services

       LG Washing Machine Repair Services                                                                               Electrolux Washing Machine Repair Services

       Samsung Washing Machine Repair Services                                                                   Godrej Washing Machine Repair Services

       IFB Washing Machine Repair Services                                                                              Haier Washing Machine Repair Services


Our Customer Feedbacks

    Exceptional Service. The best part is the technicians are providing precautions to be taken which is not common in such fields. Thank u team doorstep hub.    

  Mahender Naidu

    Good services with the varsity of experience in lingampally, Hyderabad. Technician behavior with us was friendly and well mannered.    

  Venkat Sai

    A good technician with excellent work experience. I liked the quick response of the technician.    

  Asish Reddy

    My refrigerator got repaired, I have met with various problems in that and I have contacted many technicians, but I did not get a perfect solution. Later I have searched in Google, In my last trail, I have visited the doorstep hub. They interacted with us in 24 hours and resolved my fridge issue in perfect condition. I prefer you to visit the doorstep hub to resolve all your issues.    

  Krishna Chandupatla

    Super service, I just shifted from Pune to Hyderabad. I never thought that I will get all my repair and installation within a call in a city like Hyderabad. The service was also satisfactory. Really appreciated.    

  Archana Srivastava

    The best service ever I had. I got an issue with my freeze, they solved the problem with a one-month service warranty. Really appreciate    

  Sandeep Sihag


  Kishore ch

    I have a great experience with the doorstep hub. Previously I have met with this services for my TV and they have performed well and demolished my TV issue. Again on this day I have taken the help of them for my refrigerator issue. They again satisfied me. I am very fullfill with there service    

  Dilip Kumar

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