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Get your Water Purifier regularly repaired by Home Service specialists at Doorstep Hub or repair it whenever you feel something is wrong. Dispense yourself of our water purifier repair services at the step of your door in Hyderabad. Nearby water purifier technicians can repair and service All Brands of water purifiers in Bengaluru.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to replace the stored water for every 2-3 days.

We have different types of water purifiers and each one has different properties when it comes to removing minerals from water. The RO water purifier removes all essential minerals from the water. Nowadays a membrane has been added to the water purifier that re-adds all the essential minerals that are present in the water.

It protects the water purifier tank against spills in case of water level sensor failure. It is an additional protection incorporated in the purifier.

The main electricity consumption occurs when the boiler inside the dispenser heats up, and generally takes up to 480W. In addition to this, the purifier needs a small amount of electricity to turn on the lights.

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    Exceptional Service. The best part is the technicians are providing precautions to be taken which is not common in such fields. Thank u team doorstep hub.    

  Mahender Naidu

    Good services with the varsity of experience in lingampally, Hyderabad. Technician behavior with us was friendly and well mannered.    

  Venkat Sai

    A good technician with excellent work experience. I liked the quick response of the technician.    

  Asish Reddy

    My refrigerator got repaired, I have met with various problems in that and I have contacted many technicians, but I did not get a perfect solution. Later I have searched in Google, In my last trail, I have visited the doorstep hub. They interacted with us in 24 hours and resolved my fridge issue in perfect condition. I prefer you to visit the doorstep hub to resolve all your issues.    

  Krishna Chandupatla

    Super service, I just shifted from Pune to Hyderabad. I never thought that I will get all my repair and installation within a call in a city like Hyderabad. The service was also satisfactory. Really appreciated.    

  Archana Srivastava

    The best service ever I had. I got an issue with my freeze, they solved the problem with a one-month service warranty. Really appreciate    

  Sandeep Sihag


  Kishore ch

    I have a great experience with the doorstep hub. Previously I have met with this services for my TV and they have performed well and demolished my TV issue. Again on this day I have taken the help of them for my refrigerator issue. They again satisfied me. I am very fullfill with there service    

  Dilip Kumar

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